Kanger Aerotank Review

Kanger Aerotank

At a glance:

  • £25.00
  • Pyrex glass and stainless steel build
  • 2.5ml capacity
  • Fully adjustable airflow
  • 2Ω bottom dual coil
  • 510 thread
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  • The aerotank is the newest dual coil clearomizer from Kanger. As with all Kanger products, the Aerotank has been released to a lot of hype in the vaping industry, and it has proven a popular step up from the older Protank models, with an upgraded atomizer and fully adjustable airflow.

    It has been widely compared to the Aspire Nautilus, one of the most popular and well received mid-market clearomizers of all time. Kanger have certainly positioned the Aerotank to be the Nautilus’s main contender, but how does it stack up by itself?

    Build Quality and Capacity

    As with most Kanger products, the Aerotank has a good build quality. Made entirely from stainless steel and pyrex glass, the Aerotank fits together perfectly and has great seals, which prevent the leaking problems which plagued the Protanks.

    Each and every part of the Aerotank can be taken apart and replaced, which is a massive advantage and is a testament to how well this clearomizer has been designed. The bottom dual coils seal well without any leaking issues, perform excellently (which we’ll cover in a minute) and are very easy to remove and replace.

    The square looks, gleaming stainless steel and pyrex glass combine to make it a very good looking piece of kit, too, and it has slimmer profile than the Aspire Nautilus, which means that it doesn’t look so bulky and out of place on smaller batteries.

    At 2.5ml, the capacity is on the small side, especially considering that the new and improved coils tend to use a little more ejuice than other models in this range. That said, it would be hard to fit more capacity into the Aerotank and still keep its slim profile, so it would be unfair to criticise Kanger for this.

    Airflow and Vapour Production

    The main feature of the Aerotank and it’s biggest selling point is its fully adjustable airflow. Unlike the Nautilus, the Kanger Aerotank has a fully rotatable ring around the airholes, which means you have complete control over the airflow.

    Whether you like it pin-prick sized, so the vape is hot or tight, or loose and billowing and everything in between, the Aerotank has you covered. The dual coils are also a huge improvement, and produce far more vapour than either the Nautilus or the Protank.

    It’s a far way from rivalling any sub-ohm or box mod, but as a mouth-to-lung clearomizer, it probably has the best vapour production I’ve come across. The flavour is also very good – we tried it with the Prince eliquid by Monarch and it was amazingly creamy and tangy. That said, the juice holes could do with a little work, as when used with a higher voltage and the airholes fully open, I did experience a number of dry hits.


    • Excellent build quality
    • Great looks
    • Great vapour production for a mouth-to-lung
    • Fully adjustable airflow


    • Can experience dry hits
    • Fairly small capacity

    Kanger Aerotank Review Verdict

    The Aerotank is certainly nothing revolutionary, and while it perhaps doesn’t deserve the hype it’s received across the vaping industry, it is a solidly made, high performing clearomizer nonetheless.

    Positioned as a rival to the Aspire Nautilus, the Kanger Aerotank more than does the job, making it a brilliant alternative to the Nautilus which I highly recommend.


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