Innokin Cool Fire IV Review

Innokin Cool Fire 4 Review

At a glance:

  • £39.99
  • 2000mAh
  • Variable voltage 3 – 7.5V
  • Variable Wattage 6 – 40W
  • Low Voltage protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • LED Display
  • Notably sleek, modern design
  • Buy it here

The Cool Fire IV is one of Innokin’s most popular and well received products and one of the best selling box mods ever. Innokin are known for producing quality ecigarette products at affordable prices, but does the Cool Fire IV live up to it’s enduring popularity?

Cool Fire IV’s Design and Build Quality

The most striking feature of the Cool Fire IV is undoubtably its visual design and looks. This is one fantastic looking device. Available in a range of colours including blue, red, black and metal, the brushed aluminium casing combined with its smooth edges and curves combine to make an eye-catching, visually appealing box mod which is miles away from the more traditional “brick” styled mods.

These design elements are just all about the looks, either. The smooth edges and curves mean that the Cool Fire IV fits and feels great in the palm of your hand and its reassuring weight and sturdiness is a testament to the quality of its build quality.

Some box mods can feel a little plastic and cheap, but the metal build of the Cool Fire IV makes it feel like the quality mod it is, and it feels like it can take a knock or two without breaking.

The screen is a full OLED display and is well lit and easy to read, which makes adjusting the outputs quicky, simple and easy – a definite big plus as reading some screens can feel like trying to decipher an ancient Egyptian hieroglyph!

I also liked the spring-loaded pin, which means that different tanks fit snugly on the box mod, which is not always the case. For those using ego style tanks, it also comes with an ego adapter.

Cool Fire IV Features

The Cool Fire IV can power everything from ordinary mouth-to-lung clearomizers to sub-ohm cloud makers. With variable wattage from 6 – 40W it has enough capacity to power almost every mainstream atty on the market. Although it would be nice if it could output up to 60W, it is designed to be a mainstream box mod, aimed at moderate and ordinary vapers as opposed to hard-core cloud chasers and sub-ohm afficionados!

The Cool Fire IV is packed with safety features such as low wattage warnings, short circuit protection and over-heat protection, which makes it reliable and dependable.

As well as this, it comes with a puff counter and colour coded power warnings, with the power button flashing green to indicate full power, yellow to indicate 50% power and red to indicate low power.

One of our favourite features is the manual switch, which you can use as well as the more standard 3 click on/off power button.


The wide range of power outputs mean that the Cool Fire IV powers all sorts of tanks, ranging from sub-ohm tanks to ordinary ego style clearomizers. We paired it with an Aspire Atlantis 2 tank, with a 0.3 ohm coil and it worked a treat, creating big, thick clouds of vapour.

The 2000 mAh capacity means that it’ll last around a day of moderate vaping at a high wattage with a sub-ohm clearomizer. If you’re using a higher-ohm clearomizer at a lower wattage, you can expect a couple days’ vaping out of it.


  • Fantastic looks and design
  • Spring loaded thread
  • Packed with safety features
  • Wide range of power outputs
  • Manual power switch
  • Fantastic price


  • Low mAh compared to other similarly-priced box mods
  • 40W output might be a little low for some sub-ohm vapers

Innokin Cool Fire IV Review Verdict

The sleek looks and well thought-out design make this a fantastic box mod, and for the price the Cool Fire IV is pretty much unbeatable.

Although the power output might be a little low for some vapers, and the addition of a removable 18650 battery (like the Kanger Subox) wouldn’t go amiss, this is an ideal box mod for a less experienced vaper, or any vaper who is looking for an incredible looking bit of kit!


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