Halo Tank Kit Review


At a glance:

  • £21.99
  • BVC coils
  • 1100mAh battery
  • 1.8ml capacity
  • 510 thread compatible
  • Battery level indicator
  • Buy it here

The Halo Tank Kit is the latest offering from Halo ecigs. Aimed at beginner vapers, and priced accordingly, it boasts pretty good specifications for a starter kit. The 1100mAh battery provides plenty of charge for an average vaper and the clearomizer is loaded with bottom vertical coils, which gives users a much better vape than many other models at this price point.

Build Quality & Design

The Halo kit looks sleek and sharp, coming in a choice of four metallic colors and if you’re going solely by looks, it certainly has a lot more class than a lot of other starter kits I’ve used. The battery and the clearomizer fit together well to make a compact, slim ecig which will easily fit in any pocket or handbag.

It feels reasonably sturdy too as the battery has a reassuring amount of weight to it and the clearomizer is well built. One negative is that the clearomizer is made out of plastic, which means that users will have to be careful with certain eliquids, as some specific mixes have been known to eat away and crack plastic tanks in the past.

The clearomizer certainly gives users good value for money. With a 1.8ml capacity, it will last an average vaper around a day between refills and the BVC coils are easily replaceable, which means that you’ll save money in the long term if you’re switching over from ciga-likes or kits which use disposable tanks.

Battery Performance

The battery is particularly noteworthy for a kit at this level. For starters, its 1100mAh rating means that it holds a lot of charge and will keep going for around a day of normal use. It also has a colour-coded battery charge indicator which flashes white for full, blue for half charged and red for almost empty. This cool feature means that you’ll not run out of power unexpectedly.

It also comes with 5 click on/off, which means that you won’t accidentally turn it on in your pocket and burn through a coil. It also has short circuit protection for added safety.

Vapour Production

Vapour production can often be a bit hit-and-miss with starter kits. While no one can expect the kind of performance you’d get out of a premium clearomizer from a starter kit, it still needs to provide a satisfying vape.

Luckily, this is no issue with the Halo Tank kit. The vapour production is far better than a lot of other kits at this price point, which is no surprise at it seems to be using a white labeled version of the Aspire BVC clearomizer.

We used it with Redwood Breakfast Blend, and it reproduced the sharp vanilla flavour perfectly. The volume of vapour produced was also admirable for such an affordable kit, and the airflow was light and airy, without being too loose.

The coil itself is well designed with 4 small juice holes to feed eliquid to the wick, which meant that dry hits were few and far between, even when we took big hits in quick succession.

Halo Tank Kit Review Verdict

While this kit isn’t exactly going to set the world on fire, its looks, performance and long lasting battery make it a great option for someone looking to try vaping. While it has its limitations, you’d be hard pushed to find a better ecigarette starter kit in this price range.


  • 1100 mAh battery
  • Reliable, consistent vapour production
  • Replaceable BVC coils
  • Sleek, good looks
  • Battery charge indicator


  • Plastic clearomizer tank


Buy the Halo Tank Kit here