Can You Take Electronic Cigarettes on Airplanes?

Ecigs on airplane

Although you cannot use your ecig on planes, most airlines will allow you to bring it in your carry on luggage. You should always check with your airline before arriving at the airport, and bear in mind that all airlines have banned bringing ecigarettes in checked in luggage.

Before you board an airplane, make sure that the clearomizer is disconnected from the battery and the battery has enough charge to turn on, if security requires you to do so.

Keep any eliquid you have in clearly labelled, transparent bottles.

Can I Vape in Airports?

Although most airports in the UK have banned the use of ecigs indoors, there is a dedicated vaping lounge at Heathrow. Guidelines on indoor vaping vary from airport to airport, so it always worth checking whether you are allowed to vape before you begin puffing away.

Getting Your Ecigarette Through Borders and Customs

Although there have been reports of security staff confusing ecigs for weapons and banned devices, in most cases you’ll be absolutely fine – especially in the UK.

Even in countries where ecigarettes have been banned, it is not usually a problem to get your device out of the airport. A notable exception is Dubai airport, where security will confiscate your ecigarette if they find it.

Vaping Laws by Country

Although legal in the UK, many foreign countries have regulated ecigarette use – or outlawed it entirely. For example, using your ecigarette in Singapore will net you a hefty $200 fine, while in the United Arab Emirates you can even have criminal proceedings taken against you for vaping.

Here is a list of countries across the world with active ecigarette bans:


Estonia – ban on eliquids containing more than 0.7mg of nicotine.
Finland – vaping products containing nicotine are banned
Portugal – vaping products containing nicotine are banned

South America

Argentina – Manufacture and sale of eliquid is banned
Brazil – Vaping is banned
Mexico – Vaping is banned

Middle East

Israel – Vaping is banned
United Arab Emirates – Vaping is banned


Hong Kong – Ecigarettes are banned with a maximum fine of HK$100,000 and a prison sentence of 2 years for possession
Singapore – Ecigarettes are banned with a maximum fine of $5,000 for possession

Australia – Vaping is banned

For a more comprehensive look at the legality of ecigarettes around the world, click here.