Budget Clearomizer Review – Aspire K1

Aspire K1 Glassomiser-01

At a glance:

  • £7.99
  • Steel and pyrex glass build
  • BVC atomizer
  • 1.6, 1.8 and 2.1ohm coil options
  • Buy It Here

We’ve made no secret of our love for Aspire products on this site, with Aspire products topping both our lists of best ecig starter kits and best clearomizers. The Aspire K1 is no exception, with its quality steel and glass build and replaceable BVC atomizers, all for well under £10!

Capacity and Build Quality

With a 1.6ml capacity, the Aspire K1 will last an average vaper at least a full day between refills. While a capacity of this size isn’t exactly ideal, it is more than sufficient for the average vaper, and more than can be expected of a clearomizer in its price range. Let’s be clear about the price – for £7.99 most market stalls and corner shops will be selling a shoddy piece of kit which will perform so badly you’ll be back on the analog cigarettes in no time at all.

The build quality is also far in advance of what you should reasonably expect of an £8 clearomizer. Made of pyrex glass and stainless steel, the same materials even premium ecigarettes are manufactured with, this is a clearomizer which will last a long time and survive the innumerable bumps and knocks with break so many sub-par clearomizers.

Another advantage of its pyrex glass build is that it will not be cracked or weakened by any e-liquid on the market. Poorer quality clearomizers which are made of plastic can be weakened by certain mixtures of ejuices, leading to cracks and full breaks – which is as dangerous as it is inconvenient![link 2 e cig side effects]

Airflow and Resistance

The Aspire K1 does not have an adjustable airflow, but despite this it still delivers a great performance for mouth-to-lung vapers. This makes it ideal for new vapers who have recently quit smoking, as it will more accurately replicate the experience of smoking a tobacco cigarette. So while it won’t be able to produce huge, thick clouds of vapour, it will produce more than enough vapour for someone new to ecigarettes – which at this price range is the exact market Aspire are targeting with the K1!

Another great advantage of the K1, which puts it miles ahead of similarly priced products, is the fact that you can change the atomizers easily and cheaply. As we covered in our beginners’ guide to ecigarettes, ecigarette coils degrade and need to be replaced every couple of weeks. With most cheap clearomizers, this means that the whole unit needs to be replaced, but with the Aspire K1, you simply unscrew the old atomizer and install a new one, at a cost of under £2.

The K1 also uses the patented Aspire BVC coils, which stands for Bottom Vertical Coils. BVCs ensure a more consistent and bigger flow of eliquid to the coil, which gives you a much better performance and no dry hits.

Vapour Production and Flavour

Obviously, there’s a limit to the vapour and flavour you can expect from a clearomizer costing under £8, but for such a cheap model, the Aspire K1 performs admirably well. Much of this is down to the BVC coils, which produce great, intense, flavours and a good amount of vapour.

So, while you may not taste every hint of a more sophisticated premium eliquid[link 2 10 ejuices], the Aspire K1 still tastes brilliant and performs excellently for such a value model.


  • Fantastic build quality
  • Great flavour
  • Good vapour production
  • Replaceable atomizer
  • Uses Aspire BVC coils
  • Choice of ohm resistance


  • Capacity could be a little bigger
  • Nothing else at this price point

Aspire K1 Review Verdict

The Aspire K1 outperforms most other clearomizers at this price point so confidently that you simply cannot go wrong with this piece of kit. Whether you’re a vaper looking for an inexpensive upgrade to a poor quality eGo style ecigarette, or a brand new vaper, the Aspire K1 will give you a great introduction to why so many people are switching to ecigarettes.


Buy the Aspire K1 here