10 Best E Cigarette Liquids

10 Best E Liquids

One of the best things about vaping is the huge range of different ejuices out there, in almost every flavour imaginable. The huge choice available means that with every new purchase, vapers keep the experience novel and exciting.

That said, with literally hundreds of eliquid merchants out there, finding an awesome vape can involve a lot of pricy trial and error experiments. With that in mind, the VapeHut team got together to put together a list of our favourite 10 ejuices available in the UK. With flavours ranging from exotic fruits to a novel twist on classic tobacco, there’s a juice on this list to suit every taste.

10. Redwood Blend

At a glance

  • £5.48
  • 10ml
  • 6, 12, 18, 24mg nicotine
  • 70%PG/30%VG
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Redwood Blend is one of the most beloved ejuices in the UK scene, with people all over vaping forums and blogs singing its praises. The acclaim is entirely warranted, as it is one of the smoothest and most pleasant tobacco flavours on the market.

A heady mixture of vanilla and a unique earthy tobacco, it is a perfect blend for lovers of sweet tobacco flavours. It has none of the chemically aftertaste which lesser tobacco ejuices tend to have, and the vanilla is rich and spicy.

For a 50/50 PG/VG split it delivers quite the throat hit, which is perhaps part of why it has become so popular with tobacco flavour vapers, and the vapour production is as heavy as you’d expect of a 50%VG mix.

All in all, a truly classy number which works as a perfect all day vape.

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9. Breakfast Blend

At a glance

  • £5.48
  • 10ml
  • 6, 12, 18, 24mg nicotine
  • 70%PG/30%VG
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Another offering from UK darlings Redwood, the breakfast blend may not be as celebrated as the eponymous Redwood Blend, but in our books it is as delicious, if not even more so.

Breakfast Blend is a unique ejuice which mixes hints of vanilla, caramel and a subtle nutty aftertaste. Many vapers compare it to Werther’s Originals, and while that is an apt comparison, the Breakfast Blend is much more sophisticated than that, with hints of fruit poking through. Whatever the hell it’s meant to taste like, Breakfast Blend is one of VapeHut’s favourite all day vapes.

With a 70% PG/ 30% VG the Breakfast Blend packs a powerful throat hit, but may leave cloud chasers wanting. That said, the low VG content makes it a good choice for stealth vaping, or vaping in pubs and public places.

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8. Bird Brains by Cuttwood

At a glance

  • £16.99
  • 30ml
  • 0, 1.5, 3, 6, 12, 18mg nicotine
  • 40%PG/60%VG
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On paper, Bird Brains should be a total disaster. Inspired by the American breakfast cereal Fruity Loops, which is famed for its additive-tastic coloring and sweetness, Bird Brains was a cereal flavour VapeHut was reluctant to get in on.

However, despite our initial reservations, Bird Brains is without doubt the best “fruity” cereal juice available. Combining the milky, nutty flavours which have made cereal flavours so popular with a potent fruity kick, this is a flavour which is different to pretty much everything out there and difficult to describe.

Cuttwood, the American mixers behind Bird Brains, are renowned for their great tasting, high quality ejuices, and this is an extremely worthy addition to their catalogue.

With a 40% PG/ 60% VG mix, it produces thick, billowing clouds of vapour, with enough of a throat hit to feel substantial. A must-have in any experimental vaper’s juice cabinet.

Buy Birdbrains here

7. Digby’s Mum’s Custard

  • At a glance
  • £13.99
  • 30ml
  • 6, 11, 18mg nicotine
  • 50%PG/50%VG
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  • Digby’s custard offering is the ultimate ejuice for sweet-toothed vapers with a penchant for the creamier side of things.

    An incredibly deft feat of flavour mixing, Mum’s Custard tastes so much like a home-made treat that it is hard to imagine that it is cooked up in a laboratory. With hints of brown sugar and a strong milky taste, it avoids being too sweet, making it a perfect choice for an all day vape.

    With a 50/50 PG/VG ratio it is a good all-rounder in regards to vapour production and throat hit.

    6. Mrs B’s Eliquid

    At a glance

    Mrs B is one of the best UK based mixers, with an amazing range of oh-so-English flavours. With a 50/50 PG/VG split, her juices have good vapour production and enough of a throat hit to satisfy anyone but the most lead-lunged vaper.

    All the Mrs B eliquids smell sublime and taste just as good. The strawberry jam flavour is so spot on you’ll want to spread it on a scone, and it doesn’t have that sharp, too-sweet tang other strawberry flavoured ejuices tend to have.

    The rhubarb and custard flavour replicates the old sweet-shop favourite with an almost uncanny precision, and although the mere suggestion of a rhubarb and custard flavour ejuice has raised many of our vaping pals’ eyebrows, it has become a popular all day vape amongst the Vape Hut team.

    A definite must buy.

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    5. Capone by Villain Vapors

    At a glance

    American eliquid wizards Villain Vapors have created perhaps the best tobacco flavour ejuice ever with Capone. The mixture of sweet and creamy undertones with rich, authentic tasting tobacco puts it head and shoulders above most tobacco eliquids, and the mixture of sweet and savory makes it a genuinely unique offering.

    Unlike many tobacco flavours which hit you with a harsh, chemically “Marlboro” taste, Capone is closer in flavour to natural tobacco roll ups, which make it a perfect starter juice for people looking to quit smoking roll ups.

    Despite the 50/50 PG to VG ratio, Capone doesn’t produce a whole lot of cloud, but this does lend itself perfectly for those wanting to vape in public places.

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    4. Enter the Dragon by Gemini

    At a glance

    A vape with such a strong kick that they named it after a Bruce Lee movie, Enter the Dragon lives up to Gemini’s reputation as one of the best vape companies in the world. Everything from the branding to the packaging screams quality, and Gemini’s expertly blended flavours certainly live up to the hype.

    Mixing a tangy strawberry with a mellower peach flavour, Enter the Dragon is at once refreshing and powerful, making it one of the most balanced and pleasant fruit flavours we’ve ever tasted.

    To make things even better, it produces an insane amount of vapour for a 50/50 PG/VG mixture, which should make it a hit for the cloud lovers out there.

    Buy Gemini e liquid

    3. 64 By Beard Vape Co

    At a glance

    • £8.99
    • 15ml
    • 0, 3, 6, 12, 18mg nicotine
    • 20%PG/80%VG
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    The Beard Vape Co make some of the most eyebrow raising flavour combinations around, and No.64 is a prime example of their talent for mixing flavours which, on paper, sound terrible.

    A deft mix of hibiscus, cotton candy and cream, No. 64 is another must try for fans of cream flavours and those with a sweet tooth. A 60VG/40PG mix ensures good vapour production with a healthy throat hit. With nicotine levels ranging from 0% to 1.8%, everyone from drippers to eGo users will find a strength perfectly suited to their tastes.

    A truly unique and awesome concoction, No.64 is just one of the Beard Vape Co’s must try e liquids.

    Buy No.64 here

    2. Capricorn by 12 Vapour

    At a glance

    Perhaps the most indulgent sweet ejuice on the list, Capricorn combines strawberry short cake with whipped cream and vanilla.

    12 Vapour do a great job of balancing the sweetness of the strawberry short cake with the milky whipped cream and kick of vanilla, and although it is a tooth-achingly sweet vape, it is never overpoweringly sugary and the creamier tones give it a surprisingly authentic profile.

    With a 30%PG / 70%VG mix, it produces a lot of vapour but is obviously lacking throat hit.

    A good option for vapers with an insatiable sweet tooth, Capricorn might be a little too sugary for those with a more savoury palate.

    Buy Capricorn here

    1. Vapemail

    Our first recommendation isn’t exactly an ejuice, but rather an awesome subscription service. Vapemail gives vapers the chance to try a huge range of international ejuices, for as little as 9.99 a month.

    A sort of “lucky dip” mail order service, Vapemail delivers bottles of high quality ejuice right to your door, every month. It is our favourite way of discovering awesome ejuices, and the nature of the business means that you’re always getting to try new eliquids which you would never have thought to try.

    Not only does Vapemail offer a great, convenient service, but it is great value for money, too with three tiered price points:

    9.99 for 40ml of eliquid a month
    19.99 for 100ml of eliquid a month
    34.99 for 200ml of eliquid a month

    Those prices are incredibly competitive and, to the best of our knowledge, you can’t buy premium ejuices for cheaper anywhere.

    With no contract, you can cancel any time – hassle free.

    Get 15% off your first order with the discount code MASSON15