Aspire Nautilus Review


The Aspire Nautilus At a Glance

  • £19.99
  • Pyrex glass and steel build
  • 5ml capacity
  • 4 way adjustable airflow
  • 1.8 and 1.6ohm atomizer
  • Uses Aspire BVC coils
  • 510 thread
  • Buy here

We’ve made no secret of our love for the Aspire Nautilus on this site, with it featuring on our lists of the best starter kits and the best clearomizers. Costing under £20, the Nautilus packs every feature you’d expect of a premium-quality clearomizer into a product which delivers great vapour production and flavour with every hit.

Build Quality

Made from pyrex glass and stainless steel, the Aspire Nautilus has been designed and constructed with ease of use and performance in mind. It is a tough piece of kit which has survived innumerable knocks, bumps and drops, so it’ll survive being crammed into your pockets or bags all day with no issues. Even if you did manage to smash the glass, the Nautilus kit comes with an extra tank as standard.


It has a 5ml capacity, which means it’ll last at least a day between refills for the average vaper, and the glass tank also has a handy measure on the side, so you can see exactly how many mls of ejuice remain at any time.
Its 4 option adjustable airflow allows users to adjust the vapour production to their own taste, so whether you want to breathe billowing clouds of vapour or smaller, denser hits, the Aspire Nautilus has you covered.
It uses the Aspire BVC coils, which are a marked improvement on the older coils which tended to be a little unreliable and had quality control issues. If primed properly, the BVC coils will last the average vaper weeks of flavoursome draws and they are very easy to replace in the Nautilus.
The Nautilus is designed so that the atomizer always has a good supply of e juice, which not only makes it much easier to prime than some other clearomizers, but ensures that dry hits are extremely rare, even with higher VG mixes.

How Does it Vape?

The vapour production and flavour intensity is fantastic for a mouth-to-lung clearomizer and when paired with a good battery the Aspire Nautilus will have you toking huge, thick clouds of vapour. While it may not quite live up to the output of, say the much more expensive Aspire Triton, we’d happily back this tank as the best vape experience you’ll get for the price.

What We Don’t Like

The Nautilus does have its downsides, of course. If screwed in too tight, the tank can be incredibly hard to unscrew again, with some vapers reportedly having had to resort to mole grips to loosen the bottom. While this has happened to us before, we find that by not over-tightening the bottom of the tank in the first place, these issues can be avoided.
Some users also complain that the Aspire Nautilus can have leaking issues with certain eliquids, but we personally find it a lot less leaky than many other mid-range clearomizers. In fact, of the 3 people in the VapeHut team who use a Nautilus on a regular occasion, none have noticed any leaking problems.


Great value at £19.99
Solid pyrex glass and stainless steel build
4 way adjustable airflow
Big 5ml capacity
510 thread to fit most batteries
Uses Aspire’s brilliant BVC coils
Great vapour production and flavour


Unscrewing the bottom can require god-like strength
Some reports of leaking

Aspire Nautilus Review Verdict

The Nautilus is one of the best mid-range clearomizers on the market and with its range of advanced features and great design, it is easy to see why so many vapers have chosen it as their everyday clearomizer.

Buy the Aspire Nautilus here